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Project # 1: Educate to transform

Project # 1: Educate to transform

Education is perhaps the only sure way to escape poverty. It gives hope to the children in the poor communities   and help young adults acquire the skills needed to compete effectively in the job market. The children of today will be the adults of tomorrow. By helping the most vulnerable children accessing education, we are making a real and direct impact in their lives. NOSHAA is currently working with two schools in remote areas in Haiti to promote children education. Primary education is a constitutional right in Haiti. However, this right is not exercised for many reasons – mostly economic. With your help, NOSHAA can spread this program throughout the country. Many thousands of children need your help to go school. Let us join our efforts to have a real impact.

There is a need for embracing a long term re-conceptualization of aid to further invest in local capacity building and economic development through education in the rural section of Haiti. NOSHAA is working together with the FAMILY Institute of Haiti to develop a model of capacity building through education. NOSHAA will use a pragmatic approach which focuses the education of students and communities toward developmental skills that will lead to economic development. NOSHAA works through partnership to integrate diverse activities to deliver sustainable community-based solutions. That is, our education program “Educate to transform” seeks to deliver a qualified teaching corps through our Teacher Training Academy and to increase access to education in the Commune of Verrettes. The program is a subset of the NOSHAA and FAMILY Institute to significantly improve the quality of education as part of a larger systemic change initiative in Verrettes. The mission of the Academy is to provide professional development to teachers and principals and to improve student proficiency in Math and Science.

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