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Project # 2: Cyber-integration

Project # 2: Cyber-integration

We believe that access to technology and information can make a difference in many lives. Young adults are very attracted to technology. We want to use this knowledge positively to help them develop useful and sustainable skills. A computer training center will keep them off the street after school and during weekends. Concurrently, the center will provide these young adults with quality training in information technology (IT). From this project, the organization expects to train 160 people per week in Information Technology, personal finance, and Ethics.

To build a peaceful society, we need to work together to decrease the gap between rich and poor. The best way to accomplish this is through training and education. Training increases individual competitiveness and self-esteem. The final product of this project is to open a new computer center with 20 workstations that will provide the community with services in:

  1.  Internet Explorer Training – How to access information effectively
  2. Microsoft Office Training
  3. QuickBooks Training
  4. Personal Finance
  5. Math Lab Training
  6. Access to online GED and Tutoring
  7. Ethics classes
  8. Free Internet Wireless access within the range of the Center WIFI

Our project proposal manager, a graduate student from the University of Wisconsin, is working on a plan that will expand this project by summer 2014. Your help is needed in this gigantic effort.

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